Bad News on Josh’s Case 01

Bad News on Josh’s Case


Judge Alsup ruled against Josh’s grumbles motion,

denying his attornies discovery and denying a hearing

where they could present evidence and testimony.

Needless to say, I am very upset about this. Josh’s

attornies wanted to find out if there was any activity

in this grand jury case at all, other than just

holding Josh in jail and there were denied that

opportunity. No one was allowed to present evidence

and Martin Garbus’s affidavit desputing much of what

US Attorney, Jeffrey Finnegan, was not even seen by

the judge, who had already ruled on the motion.



Please keep praying. We are trying to generate more

publicity and get some Congressional support for Josh.

Also, money is getting lower and lower and

unfortunately, the case is going on longer and longer,

so any donations are much appreciated.



Thank you,

Liz (Josh's mom)