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Free Josh Wolf Support Update Nov 14

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Free Josh Wolf Support Update







In this email:

1) Legal Update

2) Josh Wins Society of Professional Journalists' Journalist of the Year Award

3) Josh Wins 2 Vloggy Awards

4) New Flyers!

5) Josh Can Receive More Books

6) How Can I Support Josh?



1)Legal Update


As of today, November 14, 2006 Josh has been imprisoned for 84 days. The prison is

currently refusing to grant him interviews with the media over the phone.


There are currently no motions pending because we are waiting to hear back on a decision

from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to grant an en-banc hearing (a hearing before the

full panel of judges on the Ninth Circuit). We are expecting a decision in the next few

days so keep checking Josh's blog and wiki for updates.




2) Josh Wins Society of Professional Journalists' Journalist of the Year Award




"On Thursday, November 9th, Northern California Chapter of the Society of Professional

Journalists held their annual banquet. Of the many honors that were bestowed on people,

arguably the most prestigious, Journalist of the Year, went to imprisoned video

documentarian, Josh Wolf, along with other grand jury subpoena resisters, San Francisco

Chronicle sports writers, Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada.


Wolf's mother, teacher Liz Wolf-Spada, accepted the award on behalf of her son. Wolf, who

had been imprisoned, released and then re-imprisoned, has served a total of 82 days in a

federal penitentiary for refusing to turn over his unedited video footage of a July 2005

San Francisco protest. From: Indybay.org


Read Josh's Acceptance Speech: http://www.joshwolf.net/blog/?p=277




3) Josh Wins 2 Vloggy Awards


Josh's video, All Empires Must Fall, received the Judge's Choice Award for Most

Controversial Video and the People's Choice Award for Best Male Vlogger.


Read Josh's Acceptance Speech: http://www.joshwolf.net/blog/?p=273




4) New Flyers!


Thanks to Njeri for making these awesome flyers!


You can download them here: http://freejosh.pbwiki.com/f/joshwolf_flyer.pdf

And view them here: http://freejosh.pbwiki.com/Flyers%20and%20Graphics




5) Josh Can Receive More Books


Josh is ready for more books! THANKS!



Please consider sending a book to Josh while he is being held in prison. It's a great way

to show your support for him!


Josh's Book Wish List:

Days of War, Nights of Love - The Crimething Ex-Workers Collective

Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric - Howard Kahane




5) How Can I Support Josh?





There are lots of things we can all be doing to help Josh.


Here are the top 10 ways


1) SEND LETTERS and maintain correspondence with Josh while he is incarcerated. We need to let Josh know that we are thinking of him and supporting his courageous and important stand. Click here for info on how to send a letter to Josh


2) SEND A BOOK to Josh. Find Josh's book wish list and info on how to get him a book here


3) READ HIS BLOG from prison. Josh's blog is still being updated by his family and friends. Letters from Josh will be posted as they are received.

Click here for Josh's Blog


4) DISTRIBUTE FLYERS about his case: Flyers


5) DONATE to Josh's support fund via Paypal


6) PLAN BENEFIT CONCERTS AND EVENTS to raise money. There have been several concerts and fundraisers thrown recently to support Josh. If you are interested in hosting a concert or other type of fundraiser please contact Josh's support team at: freejosh(at)joshwolf.net so we can assist you with publicizing your event.


7) JOIN AND PARTICIPATE in the Support Josh Wolf Email List


8) PROMOTE JOSH'S CASE. Write letters and articles of support for Josh to your local media. Blog about his case. Link to his blog and wiki.

Post "support Josh" banners on your blogs and webpages.


9) SEND LETTERS to the other inmates who are being incarcerated along with Josh at FCI Dublin. You can get their contact information at Prison and Prisoner Support


10) BECOME INVOLVED WITH THE SUPPORT TEAM. Email: freejosh(at)joshwolf.net or the Email List if you are interested in getting more involved. We still need people willing to help with tech support, organizing, fundraising, graphic design, publicity, media and legal support. Send an email to the support team indicating how you would like to help and we will plug you in!

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