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In Memoriam: Brad Will

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In Memoriam: Brad Will


Note: This is one of several posts that went “missing” recently. It was actually written October 30, 2006.



Listening to Democracy Now! this morning, I learned about the life and death of Brad Will, and was shaken by his story. I’m not sure if I’ve ever met Brad or not, but I’m certain I have friends who were close to him. I share in their loss and the loss of a fellow independent journalist who was committed to capturing the people’s struggle against unjust power.



My mother told me about his death when she came to visit me this past weekend, but nothing really registered until listening to Amy Goodman’s newscast this morning. Suddenly a strange sensation wafted over me, - that I was in fact lucky to be imprisoned and not entombed for my journalistic work. Brad is actually the second journalist, that I’m aware of, who has been murdered since I’ve been incarcerated.



Journalism can be a very dangerous pursuit, but it’s one that must be persued no matter what cost. It is not just popular uprisings that put journalists in danger: the very act of bringing the truth to light is a treacherous position. If you as a journalist please everyone all the time, then you are definitely doing something wrong. It is the journalist’s job to ruffle feathers and that’s bound to be dangerous from time to time.



I’m sure Brad never expected to give his life trying to make the world a better place and shedding light on injustice, but I imagine he understood that this unfortunate reality was a possibility. He did not travel the world unaware of the dangers he faced; he realized that these stories were too important to be left unheard.



The musician David Rovics stated, “Brad knew that his camera was a weapon and at times a shield.” As journalists we use our cameras and words to share the world around us. We hope that shedding light on the situation will help to bring about change and that having a camera rolling will help curtail injustice. As they say, “The whole world is watching,” and although Brad’s camera did not save his life he will surely be remembered and sorely missed.



Today, because of Brad’s loss, the whole world is watching and is more aware of the situation in Oaxaca than before.



Rest in Peace, Brad. You will not be forgotten.



Josh Wolf, October 30, 2006



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