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Josh Wolf Jailed For Resisting Grand Jury

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Josh Wolf Jailed for Resisting a Federal Grand Jury!


Today in San Francisco, Josh Wolf refused to testify or turn over unpublished video out

takes to a Federal Grand Jury investigating a July, 2005, anti-G8 demonstration. He was

charged with civil contempt by U.S. District Judge William Alsup and has been jailed

until further notice. He could be held for up to a year (the remainder of the Grand

Jury). His attorney is appealing the Judge's decision and will be filing motions for his



We will send out specific requests for support (mailing address, phone and letter

campaigns, fundraisers, etc.) as soon as we have more details. Until then we ask that

you consider donating to Josh's legal support fund. This money will go to legal costs,

his prison commissary fund and other basic necessities.


Also, please visit Josh's blog and his support page for updates and suggestions for



We want to thank everyone who attended Josh's hearings over the past 6 months and

participated in his support campaign. There were over 20 supporters present in the court

room today and many more who have been helping behind the scenes. The solidarity Josh

has received from the community has meant alot to him and his family and we encourage

everyone to keep up the support until he is free.


Please look for a complete update and support information tomorrow afternoon.



Grand Jury Resistance Project

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