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Mediation Statement 01

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Josh’s Statement for the Mediation Today


From - www.JoshWolf.net


Note: This was composed by Josh prior to the actual mediation which has thus far failed to result in any agreement between the US and Wolf. To the best of our knowledge no further sessions are scheduled. However the parties in the case remain under a gag order so that one might infer things are not yet over on this.


When I first came to the FDC on Aug 1 of last year, I figured that my stay would be short and my release forthcoming. I guess I was a little off in my prediction. Though I was granted a short reprieve in September, I’ve been incarcerated ever since I returned on September 22nd. Today this duration has droned on for 200 days and the Honorable Judge William Alsup has now decided to refer my case to mediation. IMO it’s about 200 days too late, but I am hopeful that we will be able to reach an agreement with the US attorney that does not compromise my integrity or my ethics as a journalist in any way. Should the US attorney not be amenable to such a resolution, I am more than prepared to return to prison and wait until the grand jury expires or until I can convince Judge Alsup that I will never be coerced and will not sacrifice my principles for my personal freedom.


I’d like to thank my supporters who have worked so hard to help organize and agitate on my behalf, and to also thank all of you who’ve written to me to express your support and appreciation. These letters give me incredible strength and encouragement. Without all of you and my exemplary legal team I would have been lost navigating this mine field.


Much respect,



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