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Phone Calls

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Phone Calls


In order for you to speak with Josh by phone he will have to add you to his call list. Then he can call you collect or get a pre-paid service set up. He puts money from his commissary into the pre-paid account. If he uses the pre paid plan he can call cell phone #'s.


The standard pre paid plan is 300 minutes a month and 15 minutes per call (with

Correctional Billing Services the standard price for 300 minutes on a pre-paid plan is $60-). If you would like to contribute to Josh's commissary, please Donate to his jail fund.


If you want to be added to Josh's call list send him a letter telling him that you would like to be added. He will have to add you and wait for the prison to do a background check. It could take a long time for the list to clear.


Keep in mind that when you talk on a prison or jail phone all conversations are monitored.


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