Send Josh Books

UPDATE: We're waiting on a new wish list from Josh. THANKS!


Please consider sending a book to Josh while he is being held in prison. It's a great way to show your support for him!


Prisoners may receive books sent to them directly from a publisher or online bookstore such as a amazon. They may not receive books sent to them directly from individuals. If you choose to send Josh one of his requested books, please email andy at so he can indicate that the book has already been purchased. Thank you so much for showing your support and appreciation for Josh!


Josh's Book Wish List:


NOTE: Josh has all the books he has asked for at the moment. Look back here soon for more updates. If you would like to support him at this time please consider making a donation to his support fund


When you order a book for Josh from amazon, or whomever, have them send the book to:


Joshua Selassie Wolf 98005-111

Federal Detention Center, Unit J2

5675 8th Street

Dublin CA 94568



Please feel free to contact andy with any questions:


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