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Stop the War In Iran Repost

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A Year Ago, Josh Asked Us to Protest the War in Iran


NOTE: Hi everyone, when I visited Josh this weekend, we talked about his post, almost a year ago, predicting the administration’s attempt to get us ready for a war with Iran.

I am reposting this again.

REPOST form www.JoshWolf.net January 28th, 2007


March 24th, 2005

Stop the War In Iran

Posted by Insurgent in Uncategorized

We’ve already lost the war in Iraq. March 19th this year was a wake up call. We’ve lost this battle but the war for global justice can still be won.


Over two years ago, the United States began a war of aggression against a country the size of Californa. A year ago, on the anniversary of the war, there was still something to be said for taking to the streets to protest the continued invasion. This is no longer true. There is something to be said for not pulling out at this point. Pulling out of Iraq means not only pulling out our troops but withdrawing from all huminatarian aid as well. This shouldn’t be the case, but I don’t see it happening any other way. We’ve destroyed their entire country and doing anything towards preventing the US efforts to rebuild Iraq is, to some extent, counter-productive.


But furthermore, the real argument is this: If two years of parading down the street chanting our antiwar slogans hasn’t worked by now, it’s not going to work now so why continue? These protests do nothing to stop the war in Iraq.


However, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take to the streets in protest. In fact, it’s more important now then ever before to get as many people out as possible. But, it’s time for new messaging, everyone on the face of the planet knows that the US is at war with Iraq and most everyone on the planet is opposed to it.


The only thing effective about these parades disguised is protests is to raise the general public’s awareness and it’s time we focus on what the public does not already know.


First off, it’s becoming painfully clear that we are on a course towards an armed conflict with Iran. Scott Ritter cited early June and that seems like a plausible time-table. The general public does not yet realize this and it’s time we use this head start to our advantage and mobilize before the war as seen as inevitable to Joe American.


Second, if we do go to war with Iran, then there will almost certainly be a draft. The numbers simply don’t add up otherwise. Recruitment is down, deaths are up, and I doubt many in the military are signing up for an additional tour. A draft is inevitable and this too is distant from the minds of most Americans.


If we can educate the public through mass protest before the propaganda media monopy machine has its way with the sheeple then we still stand a chance of making real change.


Otherwise, we might as well just keep having our regularly scheduled protests — if only, as a means to remind ourselves that we are not alone.

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