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Thank you, all of you from Josh and Liz

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Thank you, all of you from Josh and myself


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Posted by Liz (Josh's mom) February 19th, 2007


Josh has gotten 58 pages of emails and over 60 letters in the last week. It makes him feel so encouraged to know that he has your support. He wanted me to let you know that he is working on answering all letters, but without a computer or even a typewriter, it is a slow process. It may be a few weeks before he can respond to your letter.


I have been trying to write thank you notes to all you send checks and I am behind on that also, but thank you so much for donating and supporting Josh. Thank you for your paypal donations, for purchasing t-shirts and for sending checks for his account. This has gone on so much longer than I had ever expected it would and your continued support for both publicity and his expenses is much needed and appreciated.


My trip to Washington, DC was very busy. Lucie Morillon, from Reporters Without Borders was a wonderful hostess and arranged over 15 meetings with congress people and/or their staff. John Conyers office has language for a shield law that would protect journalist by defining the noun of being a journalist by the activity of being a journalist.  I am hoping that will be moving forward soon and Rep. Boucher and Pence have a bill to introduce within the next month. I also got to meet with Jerry Zremski, President of the National Press Club and Linda Foley, President of the Newspaper Guild and Lucy Daglish, head of Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.


My goal is to work not just to get Josh out of prison (obviously goal number 1 in importance to me), but also to get a strong and inclusive shield law to protect reporters in federal courts.





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