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Visited Josh in Dublin today

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From Josh' Mother Liz

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Hi everyone. I got to see Josh yesterday and today. He’s doing OK, waiting for the prison system to get his phone PIN to him from their central headquarters. I guess it’s like losing your ATM card, look how long the bank takes to get you another one. He wanted everyone to know that if he didn’t respond to your letters, either they came when he was out on bail or if he was in the process of answering your letter when he left, he took it with him to add more content and then with everything so crazy, it didn’t get done. He especially wanted to thank his cousin Briget for writing him such a beautiful letter, which he took home to answer and then got reincarcerated. So, please start writing to him again, everyone. He desperately needs that communication and without phone access and of course, no internet access, he feels very cut off from the rest of the world right now. We are going to work on increasing publicity for his case, so if you can organize any kind of benefit or write letters to the editors of local papers or just talk about his case so others know what is going, he would be very appreciative. Please email here as I get those or contact the support team and we will get you the cell phone of his publicist, Madhis, who will coordinate all PR to make sure we can be effective.




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