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We visited Josh last weekend

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We visited Josh last weekend…

From Josh's Mother Liz

November 28th, 2006

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Josh did not get a Thanksgiving furlough and the judge was not willing to release him and end the contempt order and subsequent incarceration. Then yesterday we found out that the judge had also refused the request to view the tape in question to determine if it had any relevancy to what the US Attorney had originally said was the purpose of the investigation.


Josh is doing OK. We’re all getting discouraged, but Josh refuses to paricipate in a witch hunt reminescent of the McCarthy era or Nixon’s enemies list.


If you haven’t seen the new web site with the case information please check it out and let us know what you think.


Publicity is building and that’s what we really need to bring some sort of pressure on the government to let Josh out of jail, so if you can help, it will be appreciated.


T-shirts are available and we are figuring out how to mail them out. They have Josh’s prison ID with Free Josh Wolf across it and a quote from Thomas Jefferson and the web address on the back. We are asking for a donation of $15 plus $5 for shipping if you need it mailed.


There is an awesome benefit planned for December 7, at 7:30 PM at the Balzo Gallery, 2183 Mission in San Francisco, between 17th and 18th Street. Speakers include Mark Leno, California Assemblyman, Chris Daley and Ross Mirkirimi, San Francisco Supervisors, David Greene, Executive Director of the First Amendment Project and one of Josh’s lawyers, Sarah Olson, Independent Journalist and Jane Kim, newly elected to the San Francisco school board. A short film about Josh made by friends and filmakers, Kevin Epps and Njeri Sims will be shown. I wish I could be there.


Josh is going to be upset about not being home for Christmas, especially because my dad, his grandfather, is 87 years old and very frail, so please keep him and all of us in your prayers and thoughts.




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