What is going out to media from Josh’s lawyer

What is going out to media from Josh’s lawyer, Martin Garbus


I thought you would be interested.


I am presently representing Josh Wolf, the jailed San Francisco blogger, who refused the Grand Jury subpoena to turn over pictures of a WTO demonstration.


Josh Wolf is being subpoenaed because the Anti-Terrorism Task Force believes he may have information about “anarchists” and other people who were at the demonstration. He’s already stated, and you will see, that there’s nothing in his tape in any way relating to the police car. The FBI and the government, having failed to be remarkably successful in going against Al Qaeda and related people, are now going after “terrorists” totally unrelated to the “September 11th problem.” They are using the September 11th issues to throw a net over other people who would normally be out of the reach of any Grand Jury. That’s why the Josh Wolf situation is so pernicious.


The difference between Judith Miller, the San Francisco Barry Bonds writers and Josh is apparent.


The Barry Bonds writers had Grand Jury information as a result of a leak.


Judith Miller had information potentially relevant to an ongoing federal investigation of a federal crime.


Unfortunately, the probabilities are that he will wind up being the longest-jailed journalist in America.