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Please write letters to Josh while he is in prison and consider maintaining correspondence with him for the duration of his incarceration. Letters are his best connection to the outside world and do a great deal to lift his spirits. We need to let Josh know that we are thinking of him and supporting his courageous and important stand. Please read the following regulations carefully before sending him a letter.


Josh's Address:

Joshua Wolf #98005-111

Federal Detention Center, Unit J2

5675 8th Street

Dublin, CA 94568


Mail Regulations:



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Anarchist Black Cross

No Compromise Magazine


Please support other journalists and activists resisting Grand Juries: Other Grand Juries


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Josh said at a recent press conference:


"I’m sure that many of you are curious about my experiences being imprisoned in Dublin; I have been very fortunate and much of my time incarcerated was actually quite positive. While locked up, I met many fellow prisoners who are truly stellar individuals and a observed a community which is actually one of the healthiest that I have ever lived in. To my friends in Unit J2, thanks for everything and I wish you all the best of luck."


"In an effort to help get the stories of those incarcerated out into the world, I have started to develop a not-for-profit organization which will be known, for now, as prisonblogs.net – the project is dedicated to giving a voice to the voiceless, and is something that I am very excited about. Expect more details about this initiative in the coming weeks."


Please support other inmates from Unit J-2 at FCI Dublin



Name and Number:


Sebastian Sanchez #70383-111 J2 Unit Cell#235

Bernard Thomas Jr. #93226-111

Hershel Hale #94669-011

Bruce "RAAF 1" Morton #04264-158

Eric Shaw #98204-011

Scott Heineman #12152-081

Edmund Burch #98040-011

Josh Shulkin #98331-011

Mounzer Mounir #93344-111

Johnny Parks #13063-006

Todd Sarver #85559-011

John Burton #78162-011



Name and Number

Federal Detention Center

5675 8th Street

Dublin CA 94568



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